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The Great Awakening of the King & Queen

Updated: Sep 1, 2020

Nothing is more conducive to the brutalization of the modern world than the launching, in the name of science, of wrongful and degrading definitions of man, such as "the naked ape." What could one expect of such a creature, of other "naked apes," or indeed of oneself? When people speak of animals as "animal machines," they soon start treating them accordingly, and when they think of people as naked apes, all doors are opened to the free entry of bestiality. E.F. Schumacher - A Guide for the Perplexed

A King and a Queen are walking through my mind. They’re walking in a large Garden, beyond which lies a deep Forest. They’re talking together, admiring the beauties of the day. They’re so in Love. The world around them seems to glow in response to their Sacred Union.

What do the words King and Queen mean in our modern culture? In the old Stories, the King is a noble man, a symbol of the deep Masculine, a good Father, full of insight and wisdom – a true leader. The Queen is His equal counterpart, graceful and intelligent, the mythic Female, the great Mother made flesh. Somewhere along the line in our culture, the media made a switch and labelled Elvis as The King. Our Kings and Queens have become entertainers instead of symbols of our noble Humanity. They're flashy and shocking and we love them as we would love a sovereign, hanging on their every word. King of Soul. Queen of Jazz. King of Pop. Today we have RuPaul’s Drag Race. The once great archetypes of the King and Queen have been reduced to televised dress up that’s passed off as glamour.

And now this.

(I've removed the photo of the original poster. It makes me too angry).

Netflix is set to release their new film Cuties on September 9. The original description, before a backlash began and they changed the poster, read: Amy, 11, becomes fascinated with a twerking dance crew. Hoping to join them, she starts to explore her femininity, defying her family’s traditions.

The new description reads: Eleven-year-old Amy starts to rebel against her conservative family’s traditions when she becomes fascinated with a free-spirited dance crew.

The girls are 11. They are children. Some may not have even started their moon cycles yet. There was a time we celebrated a girl’s initiation into Womanhood. Now this. I live in a society where this is deemed acceptable entertainment. The rating is for mature audiences.

I showed the poster to my Mother, who said “I was still playing with dolls at 11.” I think of myself as a girl in the 1980s, when big hair and tight jeans were all the rage. Most of the media I absorbed came from America, not Canada and certainly not local to my region or from my ancestral culture. Maybe I was still playing with dolls, but I also remember singing along to Madonna’s Like a Virgin and not knowing what I was singing about. The song came out when I was nine. I remember dancing to Touch Me (I Want Your Body) by Samatha Fox, which came out in 1986, when I was...11. I started shaving my legs by 12. I see now so clearly how this mass market media informed my youthful ideas about how a Woman should be in order for Men to want her and for her to “fit in” to society.

What is our society today telling these girls about what Men want them to be?

The film’s director Maimouna Doucoure gave an interview in which she describes how the film is inspired by the damage social media is doing to young girls, who are drawn towards feelings of fame and acceptance based on their numbers of followers and “likes.” She says the main character wants to join the group “to escape family dysfunction.” The terrible conservative seems to be a Muslim Mother, who, judging by the trailer, shockingly seems to wish to maintain some kind of control over her daughter’s behaviour as the Child navigates her way through puberty into precious Maidenhood. So did Doucoure make this film as a warning? How does that work, when the imagery obviously perpetuates the problem?

In the film Footloose (directed by Herbert Ross), which came out when I was 9, it was the terrible Christian conservatives from which the teenagers needed to escape in order to dance to modern tunes and discover their own sense of freedom. Those pesky conservatives, always ruining all the fun.

My parents had thought that by living by example, their traditional Family values would rub off on me. But media Stories can do amazing things to the Female mind, biologically primed for so much feeling and empathy. My sense of Male and Female roles and what constituted a relationship was severely impacted by the media I consumed. Looking back, I see how sex and “being sexy” were part of many characters’ central motivation for being accepted by their peers, much more than “the content of their character.” I believe my ability to form deep, lasting bonds with Men was intimately damaged through these mostly screen-based influences and the resulting decisions I made after going through puberty.

Abortion became legal in the USA in 1973. One of the films that I know influenced my thinking on the subject was Fast Times at Ridgemont High (released 1982- when I was 7 - Directed by Amy Heckerling). When the girl gets pregnant in Fast Times, it’s her good Brother who picks her up from the abortion clinic after the teenage Father of the Child bails on her. There is some anxiety around the abortion, but overall I remember it being projected as no big deal. Totally normal for a young Woman to go alone into a sterile room and have the pulse of Life sucked out of her belly by a stranger. I compare this to HBO’s new film Unpregnant, which is also due for release in September. In Unpregnant (written and directed by Rachel Lee Goldenberg), the 17-year-old main character must rely on her quirky ex-best friend to help get her to a clinic in another state so she can get rid of her unwanted Baby. The film is billed as a coming-of-age girl’s road trip comedy, with a bit of disposable Baby bother on the side. While I’m not wishing for women to go back to the coat hanger era, the way these directors choose to nonchalantly portray a traumatic experience for both the girl and the never-to-be-human, seems meant to instill a desensitized response to abortion in the viewer.

Even though I grew up in a small town, I was still exposed to a lot of corporate media. I (and all my friends) watched films and read magazines without knowing what the editor, director or studio owner’s personal influences and intentions might have been. I had no understanding how these Stories would effect my Female psyche as I grew into Womanhood. Now I realize this is like eating packaged food products without reading the label, or accepting a rushed, experimental vaccine manufactured in another country. Only now am I looking into who is responsible for the programming of my fellow Humans, especially the young. I’ve learned that HBO is owned by Warner Media LLC (annual revenue $33 billion) and was founded by Steve Ross. I’ve also learned that the Netflix co-founder, Marc Randolf, is the great-grandnephew of the psychoanalysis pioneer Sigmund Freud. Another great-uncle of Randolf’s was Edward Bernays, an “Austrian-American pioneer in the field of public relations and propaganda."

Netflix propaganda has now infiltrated 190 countries, nearly covering the globe (China, Crimea, North Korea and Syria are still holding out, but perhaps they’ll cave if they continue to receive strategic western incentives/tariffs). Sure, the programming might change a little depending on the country and their desire for “national” content, but mostly it’s centralized messaging that’s meant to coax a massive global populace into marching in a particular direction. This direction is set by the owners of the media companies, in partnership with governments, to create a comprehensive world-wide propaganda strategy. The viewers are not asked if the moral/cultural direction they are being lead is the way they want to go. They are given their screens and their curated content. Most just watch and are entertained, without taking the time to dissect the messages they're taking in. Over time, their minds are changed. Over time, those minds change culture. We're now at a point that we must ask ourselves as a culture - where exactly are we being led and what is the final destination?

Disney + (Disney CEO is Robert Allen Iger) is already in over a dozen countries and will likely cover the world like Netflix in the next two years. Amazon Prime is available in 200 countries. Amazon CEO is Jeff Bezos, who made $13 billion in one day recently, sure is doing well with this covid-19 disaster. I’ve learned that CNN is just one unit of the WarnerMedia News & Sports division of AT&T’s Warner Media, and that the president of CNN Worldwide is Jeff Zucker. Previously, Zucker was the CEO of NBCUniversal, which is a conglomerate owned by Comcast, the second-largest broadcasting and cable television company in the world by revenue and the largest home internet service provider in the USA. The founder of Comcast was Ralph Joel Roberts. Many of these corporations promote their content on Google and Youtube. I've learned that Sergey Brin, the co-founder and CEO of Alphabet Inc. (net worth $49.5 billion) was until 2015 married to Anne Wojcicki (net worth $1 billion), co-founder of the DNA database 23andMe, who is the sister of Susan Wojcicki ($410 million), the CEO of YouTube (annual revenue $15 billion). There are just so many interesting wealth and power connections to be made between the tech, entertainment, government and pharmaceutical industries.

I look again at these girls in the poster, who were made to pose that way, to wear those barely-there outfits and to dance provocatively for an adult audience. The casting ticks all the required mainstream media racial diversity boxes. Knowing what I know now, feeling the way I do in my childless state, how do I forgive the people making this “programming,” which is obviously meant to drive a wedge between the girls and their “conservative” parents. Muslim, Christian, Hindu, Buddhist, strict Chinese “dragon mother” - it doesn’t matter the faith or conservative label. What matters is getting the children’s minds away from the traditions of their families and out into borderless secularization-land, where the rules are more...flexible. Casting off their old culture and beliefs, they are swept up by the media hive mind and the promise of new and liberating “freedoms.” The film is set in France, where many Muslim people now live. This film will likely help to undermine their religious traditions and insert modern western “values” in their place.

I’m not a Mother, but my Mother’s instinct has certainly been “triggered” by the things I’ve seen and read recently about the long-term, globalized media manipulation currently centralized in the USA, and how so few ever question the role the directors/producers/tech owners collectively play. I know people across the political spectrum who watch Netflix, and often Disney and Amazon Prime as well, dutifully giving their hard-earned fiat money to the very global media corporations who each seem determined to do their bit in the steady degradation of traditional family life. People I speak to, even those who call themselves conservative, aren’t interested in cancelling their subscriptions. There simply doesn’t seem to be anything that offends them enough to do so. There seem to be no lines the media owners cannot cross when it comes to what ideas are planted in the minds of the world’s children. The Truth is, this kind of manipulation is not okay. Propaganda that subverts childrens’ innocence is not okay. Child abuse is not okay. Child exploitation is not okay, even if you’re exploiting all the races equally in the name of diversity. Paedophilia is not okay, for any reason, ever.

Did these Cuties actors truly understand what they were saying Yes to when their parents signed them up to be in this movie? Do young girls (or their parents) understand the psychological consequences of posting sexy selfies in order to accrue followers (some of whom will inevitably be adult Men)? How many read Teen Vogue in their spare time, or just watch more episodes of Big Mouth (now in it’s 6th season)? Do Parents of any race or culture have a voice in how their Children are raised, or do the secularist media owners and their government pals get to decide how best to "educate" them? We know power-hungry rulers prefer passive people, people who are distracted, sick, confused, afraid, separated and weak. A society of Kings and Queens makes life difficult for would-be authoritarian rulers.

I go back to our King and Queen, walking in the Garden, that perfect balance between them. They are full of health in their union, and in their relationship with the Earth. I use these noble characters to inspire me to grow in my mind and my spirit, to be a better Woman, a stronger Woman, one who isn’t afraid to speak up, even when she’s threatened with social cancellation, or told to cover Her mouth with a mask, to muffle Her Sacred Voice, or to stay home and not move unless she's being digitally traced. Even when she’s told She has no right to say NO. Not to "progressive" ideology, not to a mask or a vaccine, not to anything her government mandates as “necessary to ensure safety.” A true Queen would say NO, and She would accept the consequences of being a brave voice in a crowd of cowards. Her King would stand by Her. He would draw his sword and fight for their Daughters (did I tell you this pair have three beautiful, irreplaceable Daughters, who they Love more than anything?).

If you have no God, no King or Queen to emulate, to switch on the immense wonder and gratitude for Life’s great mysteries, then at some point in your ancestral history the God inside you was beaten. Not killed. The Gods cannot be killed. Just muted, masked, given the right potion to make them slumber. Wake up, they whisper to us. Everyday they whisper from behind the walls we’ve allowed to be built between us. Wake Up and let us govern your inner Kingdom.

Are we naked apes? Are we Humans a cancer upon the Earth, as is written on the Georgia Guidestones? I can feel the swamp starting to bubble. The swamp that needs to be drained is inside us. Our good wells have been poisoned. The Great Reset must happen within us, in partnership with the Earth. As Martin Shaw reports, the King and Queen must wed the Land. May it be so, and long may They reign.

The powers of self-awareness are essentially a limitless potentiality rather than an actuality. They have to be developed and ‘realized’ by each human individual if he is to become truly human, that is to say, a person.” - E.F. Schumacher

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