• Sophia

Poem: Yes

I’m a Yes kind of girl

My natural state was born the first time Curiosity

looked at Herself in the mirror and thought

I can work with this

When I get the focus right

my Yes is a stretched summer’s day in childhood

a never-ending parade of tiny pleasures

all gleaming in a double coat of innocence

the way fairy dust danced in the sunbeams just for me

I’m a Yes kind of woman

When I meditate

it’s inside the popcorn pulse of the mystical affirmative

The rhythm is fat on one end and built like a circus

all sound and colour and sad ironies

and it spins around my mind

like an uneven load in the cosmic washing machine

When I say Yes to all that is possible

it’s ecstasy stirring surprise with a cocktail umbrella

When I say Yes to the things I cannot change

it’s the down swing on the hammock

leaning fearlessly into gravity

Take in with love

Let go with love

Take in with love

Let go with love

I’m a Yes kind of creature

The Yes that revs my engine

is the same Yes stashed like a contortionist

in the belly of a seed

What Shaw called “fierce energy”

a spark so powerful it can lie dormant for a thousand years

before reuniting with Water Soil and Sun

and storming back to life

as if the band had never stopped playing

Yes is the breaking open of the inner self

and the spilling of its sacred guts onto the floor

It’s waking up to find

all of your angels and demons have packed their bags

because they decided they want to go out and see the world

Pure in their intent

they bought you a nonrefundable ticket

but have yet to show you the guidebook

or give you any indication of your final destination

Yes is when your spirit holds a secret election

and appoints a hoard of celestial maniacs

to the Ministry of Major Life Decisions

All you can do is try to follow along in meetings

and hope that the scandals they are sure to cause

will someday be relegated to your story’s footnotes

The buffet of conventional thinking

is heavy with macro-nutrients

but has long since lost its primal source woo-woo

The only way to keep your metaphysical parliament

from being gummed up by red tape

is to say Yes to your inner disco

and just go with it

Let the bump and grind of gratitude

clear the dance floor of pretenders

and make room for the main event

That’s how I became a Yes girl

bobbing along in this aimless current

hoping to snake past the swim-up bar

of nirvana

and order something gaudy served in a coconut

If I ever make it I know

I’ll probably get startled and end up back in the river

but I’m forever thankful for the chance to start again

at the beginning

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