• Sophia

Poem: Explorer

Think about the places you've left undiscovered.

Think about when you were a child

And you climbed the crest of a hill

Like an explorer spotting a foreign coast.

You could swear your feet left the ground

For more than just a second.

This was the moment of strange embrace

When you felt the pull between the place you came from

And the body you wear now.

Suspended in the grip between those

Two Old Friends

For just a moment

Then released

Back to the Earth.

And here you are and here you've been

All this Time.

Now, you feel the friction building again.

You recall enough of that first meeting

To recognize the sensation.

But grief and disappointment

Have damaged the mechanisms

Needed for this dance.

You say

It feels less miraculous than it did before.

My Dear

These scars will need to be seen to

Or the transition will not be smooth.

You need not fear that you will fail at this.

You will be made Beautiful one way or another.

But if you get back up on the board enough times

You'll be ready for the perfect wave when it comes

And what a ride, what a ride.

Since time has passed

And you've grown accustomed to formalities

You are being issued an official invitation

To reach through the brambles of your imperfect Life

Until you feel a palm press against yours.

I have a good feeling

We're going to reach an understanding.

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