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Notes in early February

Materialism is crumbling, at the same time as it is being heaved on us harder than ever before. Too many People are looking to the screens for their Inspiration. All the good, juicy stuff lives off-screen. Where do you Live your current existence? I live where there is Winter, Snow and Ice on the ground, Waters frozen over. Where the Nights glow blue under the full Moon every month of the Cold season. I live with my Family, who tolerate the challenging parts of my personality, and who wish for my contentment, safety and happiness. They labour so that I might have these things. I labour so they might have them, too. We work for each other, and together and alone, seek to find our meanings in the World.

I don’t live in the city. I can never live in the city again. But now the screens bring the city out to the bush. It seems nearly everyone’s gone screen-based these days. Most people have stopped Gardening, few people Hunt, most watch a lot of TV or play hours of video games. They live in the Land of Creation and they do little more than consume. Even a Zoom call to grandma has been forced to become an act of consumption. In order to speak to our Loved ones, we must consume technology.

The best thing you can do for yourself is to Live with and near the People you Love the most, and to nurture a Relationship with the Land wherever you are. Humans are not meant to Live in isolated boxes. Those are called prison cells, not Homes. We’ve become techno-hermits, with all the aloneness but none of the Heart stillness. Our brain boxes rattle too hard, while our Bodies are too still. Urbanization carries a strong dose of infertility. Humans need the Sun. We need green Plants, good Soil to Touch, blossoms to sniff. We are meant to Feel a part of things. If we Feel separated, something inside us goes dark. Our Souls begin to cycle between destruction and desolation, faster and faster, until we Feel like we’re in a whirlpool. The singularity sucks. It sucks down our Languages, our Cultures, our Humanity.

All Humans need the Good Earth. All Humans need Family. If you don’t have these things, make it your Quest. Achieving them will require sacrifice and commitment. We each need to figure out where we Belong, and who we Belong with. Ask your Body what it craves, ask your Soul who it yearns for. Your Ancestors and your Relationship with the Land can help you on this Journey. The screens can only do so much, and at this stage, it seems our technology is only becoming more and more anti-Human. The Earth is not, nor has it ever been, anti-Human. Only Humans are anti-Human.

Start by cooking a meal that your Ancestors would have made. From scratch. With your Hands that are their Hands. Be mindful in your movements, focused on your Senses. Eat the meal, either alone or with your Beloved(s), slowly and with reverence. Reach out to someone who has Ancestors like yours. Learn together about the landscape where your Ancestors lived. Was it cold or hot? Did they live near the sea? In the desert? What animals were there? How many generations did your Ancestors live in that location? What were their spiritual beliefs and practices? What Language(s) did they speak? How long ago did they develop/receive written Language? What Foods did they gather/grow? Do the ingredients needed to cook your Ancestors’ meals, grow where you Live now? Compare their Relationships with Sun, Water, Air and Earth, to your Relationships with those elements where you Live today. How does it help explain your Body’s instinctive reaction when you’re near the ocean, or at the autumn’s first frost? How many dark Winters have your Ancestors seen? How many hurricanes? How many droughts? How did they survive and thrive?

I believe in you, whoever you are. I’m sorry for all the suffering in the World. I’m sorry for your suffering. Use your Grief like compost and Grow something Beautiful. The World Loves Beauty. Your job is to Admire it, Preserve it, and to even Create it yourself. Your Story is part of the Big Story, which dates back to the Beginning. Do your best. Stay Thankful. Never give up on Love.

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