• Sophia

Letter from the blossom to the bee

My love

you may think me fickle

dressing up the way I know you like

You may suspect the tricks I use

self perfumed, self caressed

until I’m a vibration in the air

and you’re poor Ulysses

breaking your bonds and lunging headlong into my trap

I’m not saying you’re overreacting

just that I understand sacrifice

and the thousand sweet destructions we drive ourselves to

Believe me, honey

when I call, I know what it will cost me

You forget

I’m just as much a slave to this theatre as you

You don’t know what the Sun does to me

turning my heart to syrup

Or how Water makes me yearn for her one day

and feel so smothered the next

As for Earth, I confess the relationship is

mutually gratifying

You see

we’re all just conduits for this nameless lust

We’re what happens when Lady Opportunity forgets her shyness

and leaves her heels on

So what do you say?

The sun’s just up

I’m dew-kissed and humming beneath

the tenderest evaporation

In less than an hour the breeze will carry my scent to you

Is it even worth pretending you won’t be here soon after?

I for one say we let ourselves fall into fate

and try to have a little fun along the way

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