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Behind the Mask of Universal Basic Income

Under no circumstances should you accept “Universal Basic Income” from this Woman. If you take the IMF’s new centralized digital currency (which looks to be coming soon as part of the pandemic-Inspired World Debt Reset Program), you'll be on the road to relinquishing all Creative and Personal Freedom.

Translation of Universal Basic Income

  • Universal: Global

  • Basic Income: Poverty

Basic means government assigned housing and digital Food stamps. Bare Bones Survival. No ownership of anything, including your Freedom to Express yourSelf.

When Germany’s currency collapsed after the War, People who had savings lost everything. A new currency (means of exchange) was pulled out of the magic hat by the government and given to the people. In West Germany they had the Deutsche mark, and in East Germany they had the Mark der DDR. East Germans were assigned a place to Live by their new communist government.

It wasn’t that no one owned anything in East Germany. They didn’t have “equality” of non-ownership. The very rich and powerful People in government controlled everything. Control = ownership, in case you forgot. Writers and Artists who dared to speak up against the government were sometimes not seen again. Think of China, where there are 1.4 billion people, and name one Free Artist. Now Imagine all your savings are gone and instead you have your new government-issued “digital wallet” with your tiny assigned amount of new currency, and your monthly allowance from your State-provided online representative, which is like a parole officer for Innocent People. It's the CCP's social credit score for everyone except the rich, who happen to hold all the credit and do all the scoring.

Most Artists I know are renters, and the idea of UBI seems too damn tempting, especially for those who are barely making it as it is. Bottom line, UBI is a trap. It’s a con. It’s a raw deal from dirty Hands.

It’s no coincidence that the Canadian government just granted Elon Musk permission to launch the rest of his 12,000 low-orbiting satellites, in order to bring high speed internet service to rural Canada. It’s not a conspiracy that the Trudeau government has ROIs out for quick-build isolation facilities for the upcoming pandemic waves. It’s literally on their website. It’s absolutely true that Doug Ford is rushing about trying to digitize the Ontario government’s services in order to “put people at the centre of everything government does.” What that really means is Doug (or someone hired by the government) is going to digitally stand over your shoulder while you Write/Paint/Dissent.

The “New Bretton Woods Moment” this Woman speaks of means the fiat money we use for daily transactions with our Neighbours (fiat money that “they” gave to us in the first place) is going to be taken away very soon. “Due to the pandemic,” the plan is for our gluttonous, wasteful consumer economies to bottom out, for inflation to run rampant, and for all Sovereign currencies to collapse. Controlled demolition. They’ve done it before. We learned about the stock market crash in school. This is the same, but bigger. The pandemic is the mask for the Reset.

How do you buy Food for your Children when there’s no currency? You don’t. So you go running to the government. Out come the files for the forfeiture of anything you happen to own (your Children will inherit nothing - inheritance is not part the Marxist utopia). Ownership/Sovereignty will be replaced by assigned government housing, digital Food stamps and your agreement to behave yourself and not kick up any fuss. Not only will you be desperately poor, all Art will be vetted by government AI before it can be released. Most importantly, if the government houses your Children and feeds your Children, they will control your Children. Control=ownership. None of it bears thinking about, but we must Think.

As the UBI and vaccines start to be forced on citizens, you may be given the opportunity to work for the government in return for financial Safety. I get it. But understand that you abdicate your Humanity when you take a job that involves harming other People in exchange for money or privilege. This has always been and will always be about the Class system. That Woman’s income will not be “Basic.” Neither will “Prince” Charles’ or any of his Family. Or Justin Trudeau’s (net worth $12 million, not counting whatever hoard his Family has stashed through his foundation). I know he looked good in that pink shirt when he marched in the parade, but he is selling us out – all of us. By conspiring with that Woman and her Friends, deliberately plunging the People he is supposed to Serve into poverty in order to allow for our perpetual enslavement by the very rich, Trudeau has abdicated his Humanity.

I’ll be voting for an Independent candidate in the BC election. I don’t know what else to do. It seems like every “Party” will just tow the line of THE Party – ie, that Woman and her wealthy IMF/WEF/WHO friends. Maybe this will be the last time I’ll ever vote. Trudeau no doubt looks forward to the day when he’ll never have to ask his Human herd for their permission ever again. Like every other tyrant using the virus as an excuse to lock down their citizens against their Will and steal from them in order to pay homage to a tiny group of demonic wealth-hoarders, Trudeau just wants to take what he knows he can’t earn. Coward.

Saying Yes to the UBI carrot they’re planning to dangle in front of us may mean temporary Safety and Warmth, but it will mean Eternal servitude for all of us, and the Children in our care, to the same elite bureaucrat bankers and crime Families that Humanity has been hating for centuries. Saying No to their UBI carries intense consequences, and it’s important to Think deeply and understand them. Saying No to UBI and a global, centralized, minority-controlled digital currency is a Bukowski “If you’re going to do it” moment for the regular Humans vs the elites. Always remember, Your Life is Your Life.

More lock downs are coming, here and all over the World (Love to those in Ireland, heading into six weeks of state-enforced house arrest). I know they’re making it almost impossible to Create/Sustain Community. I know many People are scared. I am, too. Support yourselves and each other as best as you can. If you’re a “lefty,” stop being afraid to Partner with conservatives – most stand to lose all their savings and everything they’ve worked for as the “Great Reset” rolls along. The power-hungry use corporate media smear Stories to turn their resources (Us) against each other, so we don’t look behind the mask and See Them. Conservatives are just People. I find them to be more practical and organized than Artists (no insult to Artists...from Chaos comes Creation...we all have our Gifts), and many conservatives have valuable Community-Sustaining skills. They too are Creative. We all are – it’s a Human thing.

If you need something to do during the next inevitable lockdowns (the ball is rolling - they need to keep going and Trudeau needs to keep spending until the currency collapses), Work to build small, Local, off-screen, People-led (ie non-government), inter-Generational Food/Home co-ops (Build Homes, not housing, Families, not facilities!). Make sure the Farmers and talented Gardeners in your area have all the Hands they need to Grow as much as possible for your little shared networks. If you don’t lend a Hand voluntarily, eventually you’ll be assigned to work on a government Land bank. There will be no Union. That’s how this UBI/servitude game works. If you own Land that can be cultivated, reach out and Partner with people you Trust. Make a plan to Share Space together, to help keep each other Safe and fed. Working together in a Spirit of volunteerism, even in the harshest circumstances, is much better than being forced to follow orders from authority figures who look down on you and possibly mean you harm.

If being around people of Faith bothers you, stop being an atheist. Seriously. You don’t have to pick the God of Abraham if you don’t want to. There are countless Gods you can Serve from the Storied Bounty of our Human Ancestries. What we call a “Myth” is a People’s Earth-inspired Story that has been suppressed by another group of People who think their Story is better. The Gods have always been our Human way of exploring the Divine. What is Divine? Creation is.

It’s way more fun and Life-supporting to Believe in something, than to think there’s no Reason for Being. Of course there’s a Reason for your Being – otherwise you wouldn’t Be Here! The Great Reset is your opportunity to discover what that Reason is. If you do decide to join a Faith group or another Intentional Community that’s based on Shared Values, the thing to remember is you shouldn’t attempt to change the group’s values to suit your own ego. Show Respect and give of yourSelf to the Community (Voluntary Self Sacrifice).

Make Art. Tell your Local representatives that you don’t want UBI from that Woman and her elitist Friends. Be prepared to Fight and suffer for Freedom. Read/re-read Small Is Beautiful by E.F. Schumacher. Make more Art. Hang on. Courage.


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