• Sophia

A poem for those who are grieving

Updated: Jun 16, 2020

You will be devastated

But not completely undone

You can see the value of your distress

You’ll be okay


You have a perseverance about you

It’s steeped in you like a tea

The magic endurance infusion -

Dash of wonder, dollop of gratitude

Healthy dose of self belief

The kind of broth you can live on when there’s nothing else

If Charles were here, he’d tell you to keep the spark


I still don’t know what’s going on

It’s all madness from what I can tell

Don’t get me wrong

I’m dazzled by the experience

This...being alive business

And all the drama that goes with it

But some of it is tragic

Too tragic

Tragic without explanation

Without reason

I guess it’s the same with wonder

Or any moment we would dub sublime

It doesn’t need a reason

Only our attention

And a willingness to be quiet

I have been quiet

I have been stuffed with grief

I have been swollen with fear

I saw your beauty

And never told you

That’s as good as lying

But there were times I told the truth

And didn’t flinch

And you

You knew this was coming

You’ve been in its path for years

To have watched you stand on the tracks of this train

Has been an honour

What I’m saying is

There’s nothing to say

Nothing that can be said

As far as I know

It’s a tempest until the end

If you can resolve a fraction of your feelings

Before it’s all over

You’ll be ahead of the game

Whatever game this is

If you need to sit out for awhile

And just be quiet

You know where I am

Just remember

You are resilient

You are brave

Love is guaranteed

You’ll be okay


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